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BRIDGE OF THE GODS, A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway to your Highest God Self!

Dear Readers, Friends, and Visitors to our site ~ It is our great pleasure to announce that we are now able to offer a download version  of Dr. Linda's very special Book, on the next step in spiritual evolution for the most beneficent advancement of all humanity, directly through our LIBRARY at NEW THOUGHT INTERNATIONAL.COM.



*BRIDGE OF THE GODS, A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway to your Highest God Self!


Join Dr. Linda on a journey into Highest Consciousness, where the substance of all good is always waiting for you!!!



"Soon we shall discover that the temple of all humanity is nothing less than the Temple of the Living God." ~ Excerpt, Chapter One/BRIDGE OF THE GODS ~ "The Awakening, Discovering the Bliss of your True Divine Reality!"

BRIDGE OF THE GODS , A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway to your Highest God Self!"/$9.99 (Download)

The 12 magnificent and awe-inspiring chapters take the reader on a dynamic soul-advancing journey all the way from the "Awakening" to "The Promised Land" (where long held desires are fulfilled through the timeless spiritual consciousness-raising techniques interspersed throughout) Rich in mysticism with inspiring personal stories, practical techniques for implementation while reading, and soaring meditations at each chapter's end, Bridge of the Gods leads the reader to realize that there is nothing that cannot be healed by the glory of the Divine Self within).


"Just reading one chapter can lift one's vibration for an entire day!" ~ Deborah Beauvais, Owner/"Dreamvisions 7 Radio"/Broadcast Live on Revolution Radio Boston

"I was captivated from page One" ~ Barry Finlay, Award winning author/Kilimanjaro and Beyond

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All Richest Blessings ~ Accessing the glories of the "Kingdom, already Within"!


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"A Masterwork in Metaphysics!" ~ Jeanne Latter