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DIVINE PROSPERITY ~ The Unexpected Income Program, Twelve Steps to Your Perfect Consciousness of Infinite & Eternal Supply!

We are so pleased to announce the publication of Dr. Linda's new book!  This wondrous and all-inclusive tome on Divine Principles of Abundance contains all you need to prosper eternally.

Each of the Twelve Chapters explains in depth the level of rise in consciousness and the mantra/theme being considered, followed by instructions, consciousness raising exercises and daily meditations for incorporating profoundly within.

As you accomplish each level, new and wondrous demonstrations of prosperity pour forth automatically, whether it be of a financial physical, emotional, or relationship nature.

Don't miss this opportunity to center in the glory of your invincible Divine Self within.

Paperback copies may be ordered directly from New Thought International Library right here for only $25.00, or if you prefer from your favorite on-line source  or at your local bookstore. 

All Digital formats are exclusively on


For more information, including previews and other information, visit:  DIVINE PROSPERITY