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LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS, Attaining the Kingdom of Greatest Eternal Good! ~ Heaven on Earth!



It is our great pleasure to announce that Dr. Linda’s glowing book “LIVING THE MIRACLE CONSCIOUSNESS” is now available to order directly from the New Thought International Library ~ in paperback. Digital formats may be ordered exclusively on


Part I ~ “The Definition” (On Miracles and what they are!)

Part II ~ “The Preparation” (How to maintain highest levels of receptivity and consciously set the tone of mind and heart to receive the “miracle” desired).

Part III ~ “The Glory” (Ultra manifestations of Divine Power and Presence in one’s life!)

"Living The Miracle Consciousness" is more than just about miracles, and living in the Kingdom of Bliss all the time...uniting with all the Divine and Universal Forces for manifesting a limitless world of good. It is about entering Highest Levels of the glorious Truth of your very own being, and recovering all the glory, wholeness, unity, peace, power and splendor of the Divine Soul within.

Living the Miracle Consciousness offers a Spiritual Paradigm for evolving humanity...a way to live in the Highest State of communion with the Divine Source of Limitless Love, Light and Fulfillment all of the time. 

Rich in soaring meditations and transformational exercises for the reader to practically apply Highest Principles to their everyday experience; "Living The Miracle Consciousness" takes the reader on an accelerated journey into the many mansions of Divine Splendor ~ penetrating the Sacred Kingdoms and Laws of instant materialization, self-reliance, Unity with God and direct manifestation of every good conceivable.  


• In this introductory quote below, Dr. Linda illumines the natural state of bliss each can attain, once understanding the limitless source with which all are one, regardless of any former belief in separation.

Living The Miracle Consciousness is a guidebook for Transcendent Limitless Fifth Dimensional Living, according to the pure properties and attributes of the Divine Self in every being ~ the one atomic God Self ~ the Superior Christ Self, that is the only enduring reality.

All meditations and exercises are geared to help the individual Soul rise out of all conflict, captivity, duality and separation thinking, and to unify with the bliss of Divine Demonstration and God Consciousness all of the time. This is accomplished through actively embracing and unifying with the limitless capacities of the Mind and Name and Sublime Nature of God, with which all are imperishably One.

Through such transcendent identification ~ the Civilization of Luminous Light is risen and born through us. The hallowed, treasured and majestic level of unconditioned joyous Master living {the Sattvic, Buddhic and Superior Christ Level} becomes ours all the time, as we unify ever more and more deeply with the Divine and Limitless Principles of God’s Life ~ as our life ~ all-inclusive and demonstrating of every good thing.

In Part I ~ “The Definition” ~ Dr. Linda reveals Divine and Transcendent components always present in Miracles.

In Part II ~ “The Preparation” ~ Dr. Linda unfolds “Secrets of the Kingdom” ~ enlightened ways and means to lift consciousness to the blissful level necessary to always receive miracles.

In Part III ~ “The Glory” of “Living The Miracle Consciousness”, Dr. Linda takes the reader to the summit level ~ fully examining the miracles of the Christ, and exploring the Highest spiritual technology of demonstrating, materializing and healing ~ any and all conditions, through the omnipotent power of pure God consciousness. This is the Glory of God, now brought forth by the One, who lives at the right hand of the Father, and brings unbounded Heaven to earth in all.

*Many persons, having read Living The Miracle Consciousness”, happily have experienced many limitless breakthroughs; for the information, provided in this book stimulates Higher awareness, and causes or creates on the spot alchemy.  One reader experienced ten miracles, after a two-year period of total stagnation.  Let it be so for you!!!


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Dr. Linda was honored to be a Finalist  in the annual Edition of “50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading”, in recognition of her stunning work ~ BRIDGE OF THE GODS, A Handbook for Ascending Humanity ~ The Golden Pathway to your Highest God-Self!…on the next stage in spiritual evolution for the  most beneficent advancement of all humanity!

“A Master-Work in Metaphysics!” ~ Jeanne (

“Just Reading one chapter can raise one’s vibration for an entire day!” ~ Deborah Beauvais, producer / Radio Boston.

“You cannot be the same person on the other side of this read!” ~ Michael Ben Zehabe on Songs of Eternity/Syndicated Columnist & Author/”Unanswered Questions in the Sunday News!”